Have you found the ideal location for your wedding in Cagliari? Remember that the choice of location and the time of the ceremony in the special locations of the Municipality of Cagliari must be made at least 30 days prior to the date you have chosen for your wedding or civil partnership ceremony. Each location has specific days and times set for celebrating weddings, and will require a financial contribution.

The celebration of a wedding or a civil partnership ceremony is an important moment. Find out which documents are necessary.

All of the locations are also available for civil partnership ceremonies. In order to proceed with the civil partnership ceremony, a request for the establishment of a civil partnership is required. The request must be presented to the town registrar who will prepare a report in which the date is set for the constitutive declaration to be held at the requested location.

We provide all the necessary support to foreign couples who choose Cagliari for their wedding or civil partnership ceremony, so they may choose their dream location and concerning all necessary documents.

The historic location for a wedding celebration in the city is the beautiful Palazzo Civico of Cagliari, the Town Hall of the Sardinian city capital. It is a historic building of the early 20th century, built with white limestone in Aragonese Gothic style and Art Nouveau decorations, overlooking the city harbor. The ​​2400 square meters’ structure hosts in its halls various works of art from different historical periods. The “Sala dei Matrimoni”, the wedding hall, is enriched by the paintings of Filippo Figari, considered one of the most famous artists of the island. His work in this hall depicts traditional Sardinian marriage scenes.


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